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My daughter and I visited a Lavender field yesterday. It took a little convincing to get her close enough once she spotted all the bees. She was not too sure about the whole idea but she was a trooper and was so beautiful. Lavender is probably my most favorite smell in the world and everything that describes a lavender plant, really describes this young woman as well. Throughout her childhood, there have not been too many occasions where she would let me take her photos. However, lately that has changed and I have been able to capture her heart and soul in many photos. This is a huge reason I got into photography. My children are growing up right before my eyes and the only way for me to hold onto special moments in their lives is to make photographs that I can cherish forever!


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Spring Mini Session

Who is ready for Spring?  I know I am!!  Spring Mini Sessions are a great way to save a little money.  Think about giving your Mom a wonderful gift for Mother’s Day of a photography session and 5 digital files that she will treasure for a lifetime.  This is also a great time to update those family photos that you have been meaning to have done for quite some time.

Time slots will fill up fast so be sure to make your appointment today!  Spring mini ad

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Cowboy up!

Cowboy up!

What do you think my reaction was when the mom wanted her son posed on my saddle?? I feel like the luckiest girl sometimes when I get to photograph and play with lil’ ones for my job!

This lil’ guy had me worried at first. He did not want to leave mom’s lap. I kept pulling out all my stops and was getting close to running out of ideas. He did eventually play with me and was so good about following directions. 2 year olds amaze me sometimes!!

Here is a little sneak peek! I can hardly wait to edit all of them!untitled-58-blog

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Puppy LoveLook what I got to play with today! I wanted to keep ALL of them. A special thank you to Sandra for hauling them all over to my studio so I could photograph them. I obviously didn’t do a very good job at puppy proofing my studio. They wanted to eat all my baby blankets, cords, my camera strap and all the cloth diapers all rolled up in a bucket. They were so funny!!

Then the other funny thing was trying to get them all back in their crate. We would get 2 in and go for the 3rd when the first one would escape. We were laughing so hard. They must have been having too much fun to want to go home.

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Today I write this in hopes of helping those who have never thought of having portraits made of your pets especially before it is too painful to have them made.

We had to put our first boxer down last summer and I regret not taking any photos of him before we made that very painful decision. I have photos along the way but I just feel like I should have taken more.

For this reason, I decided to photograph our sweet girl, Bailey. She is 7 years old and has battled allergies for the majority of her life. Her coat looks terrible due to scratching. I just didn’t want to wait too long in case she continues to get worse.

Our pets have such a huge impact in our lives. They are there when we come home with those wagging tails (even if they don’t have much of a tail) and some of them even smile. They somehow turn a bad day into a good one with their unconditional love. They don’t judge us they just want to please us!

Take time to take photos of your pets or have them professionally taken and don’t just put them on your computer that might crash one day unexpectedly. Print one and put it in a frame or make an album.

Sweet ole' Bailey untitled-2-Edit

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