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Springfield, Oregon newborn and child Photographer ~ Siblings

Newborn and child photography!  These 2 lil’ beauties were in my studio not long ago.  It also wasn’t long ago that the big sister had her newborn photos taken in this very location!  Are they just not so precious?  She is going to be a wonderful big sister and was so very pleasant to work with.  She followed all my directions to the T.  

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My daughter and I visited a Lavender field yesterday. It took a little convincing to get her close enough once she spotted all the bees. She was not too sure about the whole idea but she was a trooper and was so beautiful. Lavender is probably my most favorite smell in the world and everything that describes a lavender plant, really describes this young woman as well. Throughout her childhood, there have not been too many occasions where she would let me take her photos. However, lately that has changed and I have been able to capture her heart and soul in many photos. This is a huge reason I got into photography. My children are growing up right before my eyes and the only way for me to hold onto special moments in their lives is to make photographs that I can cherish forever!


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Parenting a child with special needs


To capture a “slice” of this lil’ girl’s life and the Mother-Daughter relationship these two have is the best part of my job.  This picture should remind all of us to cherish EVERY moment.  The emotion of joy in their faces just makes me smile.  As some of you know, having a child with a disability or any special needs is not always joyful.  In fact, it is just plain awful at times.  You find out very quickly that your life is about to be filled with tons of sacrifices, emotional and physical roller coasters, the stress placed on your marriage and family, the lack of understanding why this happened to you since you never signed up for it and many, many other challenges.

However, there are so many wonderful things that happen when you parent a child with special needs.  Speaking from experience, my daughter has taught me so many things in the past 14 years.  I may not ever understand what she is going through but I will never give up trying to give her what she needs to be successful.  She has such huge dreams in that mind of hers.  She shows me unconditional love EVERYDAY!!  She amazes me EVERYDAY!!  Although she makes me want to cry and pull out my hair sometimes (what teenage girl doesn’t), she also makes me smile lots!  She teaches me to never take things for granted.   She will look outside and just gasp at the beauty of the sky or the moon and say, “MOM, HURRY COME LOOK”.  We don’t stop to look at those things, half the time.   The typical milestones all children experience at some point in their lives is means for a BIG celebration when it is a child with special needs.  She just has to work 2x as hard to achieve them.

I am definitely a stronger, more understanding person because of her even though at times I want to throw in the towel.  She deserves everything a typical child does.  She deserves love, acceptance and respect which she will ALWAYS get from me!!

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Referral Program (New and Exciting)!

The BIGGEST compliment a business can have is to be referred by it’s clients.  As a way to show my sincere appreciation to my past clients, I am instituting a Referral Program to thank you for helping A Slice of Life Photography thrive in today’s market.  Without your help in letting your friends and family know about your experience with me, I couldn’t be successful.  One of the things that I hold dear to my heart is being a people pleaser.  Being a photographer not only allows me to please people with beautiful art of their loved one’s, it also allows me to form some very wonderful relationships with clients.  Check out my new program below and see how you can earn $50.00 in print credit or even a free session.

asliceoflife copy transparent REFERRAL PROGRAM

*a referral is a person that has booked and completed a session with me.


Child/Family/Senior sessions:

Refer any friend or family to me and you will receive a $50.00 print credit.  These print credits can be collected/banked up to a maximum of $100.00.

3 referrals* = a free portrait session with me + any print credits you might have stored up

5 referrals* = a free portrait session + $100.00 in print credit + any print credits you might have stored up


Newborn sessions:  0-21 days old

Refer any newborn to me and you receive $50.00 in print credit.  These print credits can be collected/banked up to a maximum of $100.00

3 Newborn referrals* = a free portrait session of your choice + any print credits you might have stored up

5 Newborn referrals* = a free portrait session + $200.00 print credit + any print credits you might stored up


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Lil’ Man

This lil’ guy was so much fun to photograph!  He had me pretty worried at first as I tried EVERYTHING to get him to warm up to me.  I have never had a child not warm up and I would have been heartbroken had I not been able to make him comfortable enough for me to take photos.   I sound like a broken record sometimes but I have the BEST job ever!!  Lil' Man

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