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What’s new in 2018

What is new in 2018 for A Slice of Life Photography?   I am so glad you asked.  I introduced a new unique and very fun type of session called Inside The Box!  It is all about telling mini stories in each box.  I pose subjects in 1 box that I had constructed out of wood, painted and placed on a base with wheels.  We do lots of various poses during the session.  After many laughs, I upload the images into my lightroom and then work photoshop magic to construct multiple boxes on the top and beside each other.  The number of boxes varies and the possibilities are endless.  Cake smashes in a box, family photos in a box, engagement, siblings with all their favorite hobbies, pets, etc.

I know you might be skeptical but you gotta try it.  They are so much fun and you will have the most unique print/gift in the area!!  In fact, right now, I am offering Valentine box sessions the next 2 weekends.  Here is a sample of the one I did the other day.  

Springfield, Oregon Children Photographer~ I’m 2

Springfield, Oregon Children Photographer ~ 2 year old Emerson was back for his birthday photos!  He was mostly serious but we did get some pretty cute smiles here and there.  Hope you had a great birthday lil’ buddy!  

Princess and Pony Sessions

This is my second year to offer Princess Pony Sessions and I have absolutely NOT regretted it.  They are so much fun.  All the little ones want to take the ponies home with them.  It is an experience they will talk about for a long time.  

Firework Photography Tips

Since the 4th of July is approaching very soon, I thought I would post a few tips on photographing fireworks.  Fireworks can be very difficult to photograph but with the correct settings, you can get some awesome shots. 

1.  Use a tripod

2.  Put your shutter speed on the “bulb” setting

3.  use a cable release if you have it.  If not, you will need to hold the button down with your finger. 

4.  Try using fstops between F8 and F16.

5.  ISO should be on 100

6.  Do not try to auto focus, set the camera to manual and focus on the farthest point away from the camera

7.  Turn your flash off

I hope you find this information useful.  Send me your photos, I would love to see them.

Fairy Tale Classic Sessions: Brand new

I am proud to announce I will now be offering a very unique photography experience. I have waited so long to make this announcement and the time has finally come.

If you have a princess or you know a princess, please share this information with them. There is no age limit for these sessions. I guarantee they will never forget the entire experience.
FairyTale flier copy.

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