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Springfield Oregon Photographer ~ Puppy Love

Nox is a new member of my family!  We are all very much in love with him already and it is has only been 3 days.  He is an 8 week old Australian (golden) Labradoodle.  Our hearts have been empty for so long after losing 3 dogs several years ago.  Nox has already brought so many smiles to my girls’ faces.  He is going to get so tired of all the hugs and kisses from his new family!


Puppy LoveLook what I got to play with today! I wanted to keep ALL of them. A special thank you to Sandra for hauling them all over to my studio so I could photograph them. I obviously didn’t do a very good job at puppy proofing my studio. They wanted to eat all my baby blankets, cords, my camera strap and all the cloth diapers all rolled up in a bucket. They were so funny!!

Then the other funny thing was trying to get them all back in their crate. We would get 2 in and go for the 3rd when the first one would escape. We were laughing so hard. They must have been having too much fun to want to go home.

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Pets part 2

I recently posted about how important it is to have or take photos of your pets before it is too late.  As I watch my Bailey suffer from allergies, I have felt the need to take lots of photos of her.  Her face certainly shows her age but I still see so much unconditional love in those big brown eyes.  She has scabs on her ears but I still love how they perk up when you call her name.  She also has the best smile when she sees you come in the door.  There is so much more I see when I look past the gray muzzle and eyebrows.  Face of a Boxer

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Today I write this in hopes of helping those who have never thought of having portraits made of your pets especially before it is too painful to have them made.

We had to put our first boxer down last summer and I regret not taking any photos of him before we made that very painful decision. I have photos along the way but I just feel like I should have taken more.

For this reason, I decided to photograph our sweet girl, Bailey. She is 7 years old and has battled allergies for the majority of her life. Her coat looks terrible due to scratching. I just didn’t want to wait too long in case she continues to get worse.

Our pets have such a huge impact in our lives. They are there when we come home with those wagging tails (even if they don’t have much of a tail) and some of them even smile. They somehow turn a bad day into a good one with their unconditional love. They don’t judge us they just want to please us!

Take time to take photos of your pets or have them professionally taken and don’t just put them on your computer that might crash one day unexpectedly. Print one and put it in a frame or make an album.

Sweet ole' Bailey untitled-2-Edit

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Meet Sage #2 (slideshow)

I am having a blast with all these animals.  I just had to put together this slideshow since there were too many photos to show.