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Birth Photography

Being a mother of 2 beautiful daughters and a wife to a wonderful husband of 25 years, I wish now that I would have hired a professional photographer for the births of my girls.  Since photographing my first birth nearly 4 years ago, it has been such an emotional and heart warming experience each and every time!  Capturing that first glance of your baby after all those months of anticipation is priceless.  Having your support system being 100% there for you when you need it instead of being behind a camera is also priceless!   Having the memories of welcoming a new life into this world and the fact that you gave this beautiful human being life is again….. PRICELESS!!  Birth photography is becoming more and more popular!  You won’t regret it!

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Fun Siblings: Springfield, Oregon Photographer

I had a great time with these 3 kiddos.  I think they were a tad nervous when they showed up but my number one goal is to have them leave the session thinking, “that wasn’t so bad”.  My whoppie cushion sure is a big hit with the older kids (parents too). 

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Wall Portraits!!

I am often asked by many clients, “how big is a 16×20″ print or canvas?”  I found this template to help show you exactly HOW SMALL a 16×20 can be on the wall!!  I purchased my first 20×24″ gallery wrap canvas a week ago and I can say from personal experience that I did not realize just how much better it made the room appear than the measly 11×14 framed print I had on my wall.  I absolutely LOVE the quality of my canvases.  I will be ordering at least 4 more to finish my wall project in my house.   I think everyone thinks that an 8×10 is BIG but in reality it is considered a DESK print not a Wall print. 

In addition to this blog post that shows the difference in size, new things are in the works for my personal business and I cannot wait to share it with all of you. 

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Beautiful Family at the Park

I absolutely LOVED this family.  Aren’t they just beautiful?  I could have taken pictures all day long of this lil’ princess.  She was a busy girl but what 2 year old isn’t?  She did a wonderful job.  Hope you enjoy your lil’ sneak peek.  I will have the rest of your gallery ready very soon. 

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7 day old Newborn: Newborn Photography~ Springfield, OR

I believe it was the shot below that I JUST missed the accident in action shot. He did manage to get Dad and that is why he has a little smile on his face!

I definitely feel blessed to have had my second youngest newborn in a week. Both babies certainly made me miss so much about the newborn experience…. the cuddlying, rocking, facial expressions, soft skin, the sweet newborn smell, and just the pure miracle of having a child enter this world. I also LOVE watching the relationships of families. This girl had that sparkle in her eyes and Mom said she has held the baby more than they have.

I still got my share of accidents but none of it phased me. It is just expected. Even Dad was a trooper when he was the chosen one!

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