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Springfield, Oregon Equine Photographer ~ Horse Portrait

Springfield, Oregon Equine Photographer.  Horse Portrait of this handsome 24 year old!  He needed his professional portrait taken today!  I love his markings and his sweet, sweet eyes!  Thomas is a barn favorite and I can sure see why!  

Horse Beauty~ Horse Photography Oregon

Springfield, Oregon equine photography~Horse Portrait!  I am truly enjoying photographing these beautiful animals.  This happens to be my “granddaughter”.  She is my daughter’s very first horse and they seem to be a pretty great match!  Attie is a 9 year old Thoroughbred with a very sweet disposition.  I couldn’t wait to take some photos of her.  I wanted to capture those beautiful eyes that say so much to us as well as the muscle definition that is coming along quite nicely!  I am excited to watch them grow old together.  

Horse Portraits

I have been working on perfecting my equine photography lately!  I think I am a tad bit obsessed with photographing horses but more specifically, getting that perfect pose, perfect lighting, perfect expression!  I spent some time trying to learn off camera flash which simply means, you use external lighting that is not on top of your camera.  Usually the lighting consists of flashes or strobes placed on light stands with or without modifiers in place to control the lighting.  I find this to be complicated to learn and is taking me quite some time to even feel comfortable using it.  Attached is an example of such lighting.  I have lots to learn and will continue to do so but wanted to bring y’all along on my journey.  

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Princess and Pony

I am finally able to offer Princess and Pony photoshoots. I have spent countless hours planning, having dresses made and bought, buying props, and searching for the perfect pony to use.

This is Princess “Elsa” and Elvis (however, we made him a girl just temporarily)! I couldn’t have asked for a more perfect pair to kick off my specialty sessions. This session not only took my assistant but it also took 2 other people to help with the pony. So, as you can imagine, a lot of time and energy was placed to capture such a precious memory. These sessions will continue based on the client and pony’s availability.

If you enjoy seeing these images, please feel free to share my work!



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High Desert Classic 2011: Springfield Sports Photography

Had an amazing time at the High Desert Classic in Bend over the weekend. I not only got to watch a few people that my daughter rides with but I got to practice my timing LOTS and I think I am finally getting a little better. Horses amaze me anyway but it is especially facinating when they jump over 5′ fences.

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