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Birth Photography

Being a mother of 2 beautiful daughters and a wife to a wonderful husband of 25 years, I wish now that I would have hired a professional photographer for the births of my girls.  Since photographing my first birth nearly 4 years ago, it has been such an emotional and heart warming experience each and every time!  Capturing that first glance of your baby after all those months of anticipation is priceless.  Having your support system being 100% there for you when you need it instead of being behind a camera is also priceless!   Having the memories of welcoming a new life into this world and the fact that you gave this beautiful human being life is again….. PRICELESS!!  Birth photography is becoming more and more popular!  You won’t regret it!

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Messy Eater Photo Contest

Best messy eater photo will win the photo contest!  Client in search of the best “messy eater” photo to use on their updated website crumpcap.  The owner of Crump Cap will be giving away a mini session + a print credit (value of 200.00) to have a photography session with myself.  Please read the details in the flier below.  Good luck!!

Springfield, Oregon Children’s Photographer ~ Newborn

Springfield, Oregon Children’s Photographer ~ 7 day old sweet newborn and his family!   He was one of the best newborns I have had; so easy going and sleepy!    My heart just smiles at the precious moment and connection in this image! 

Springfield, Oregon Photographer ~ Outdoor Child Portraits

Springfield, Oregon Photographer ~ Outdoor Child Portraits!  So much fun had at this little guy’s outdoor child session!  A huge thank you to Riverbend Farm and Orchard for the use of their beautiful orchard!  It is always hard to know when those darn blooms will appear from year to year and this year I was a tad early but it is equally hard to coordinate blooming trees AND nice weather on the same day here in Oregon.  

Springfield, Oregon Children Photographer ~ flower girl

Springfield, Oregon Children Photographer.  This lil’ flower girl was a little unsure of her portrait session but we managed to get a few beautiful smiles along the way!  The weather was perfect (finally) but a tad chilly!  She is such a beautiful little girl!