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Birth Photography

Being a mother of 2 beautiful daughters and a wife to a wonderful husband of 25 years, I wish now that I would have hired a professional photographer for the births of my girls.  Since photographing my first birth nearly 4 years ago, it has been such an emotional and heart warming experience each and every time!  Capturing that first glance of your baby after all those months of anticipation is priceless.  Having your support system being 100% there for you when you need it instead of being behind a camera is also priceless!   Having the memories of welcoming a new life into this world and the fact that you gave this beautiful human being life is again….. PRICELESS!!  Birth photography is becoming more and more popular!  You won’t regret it!

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Welcome to the World: Birth Photography

I was honored to help welcome into the world a new baby girl yesterday!  Each birth I have photographed comes with an unexplainable amount of emotions running through my body.  The most obvious is it brings me back to my very own experience over 18 years ago.  It reminds me just how precious life is and just how fast time flies.   It makes me so very thankful for all the doctors and nurses that are there working so hard to guide new parents every step of the way and help bring their baby into this world.  The anticipation, excitement, fear, exhaustion, uncertainty and pure joy surrounding the room is felt by everyone including myself!  THANK YOU for allowing me to capture the most amazing moments!!!