Firework Photography Tips

Since the 4th of July is approaching very soon, I thought I would post a few tips on photographing fireworks.  Fireworks can be very difficult to photograph but with the correct settings, you can get some awesome shots. 

1.  Use a tripod

2.  Put your shutter speed on the “bulb” setting

3.  use a cable release if you have it.  If not, you will need to hold the button down with your finger. 

4.  Try using fstops between F8 and F16.

5.  ISO should be on 100

6.  Do not try to auto focus, set the camera to manual and focus on the farthest point away from the camera

7.  Turn your flash off

I hope you find this information useful.  Send me your photos, I would love to see them.

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Princess and Pony

I am finally able to offer Princess and Pony photoshoots. I have spent countless hours planning, having dresses made and bought, buying props, and searching for the perfect pony to use.

This is Princess “Elsa” and Elvis (however, we made him a girl just temporarily)! I couldn’t have asked for a more perfect pair to kick off my specialty sessions. This session not only took my assistant but it also took 2 other people to help with the pony. So, as you can imagine, a lot of time and energy was placed to capture such a precious memory. These sessions will continue based on the client and pony’s availability.

If you enjoy seeing these images, please feel free to share my work!



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Fairy Tale Classic Sessions: Brand new

I am proud to announce I will now be offering a very unique photography experience. I have waited so long to make this announcement and the time has finally come.

If you have a princess or you know a princess, please share this information with them. There is no age limit for these sessions. I guarantee they will never forget the entire experience.
FairyTale flier copy.

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Autism Awareness

April 2 is “LIGHT IT UP BLUE” day! I hope everyone can share their support for Autism by placing a blue light in your lamp or porch (this is what I do) today!! Autism rates have increased and are now 1 in 68 U.S. Children. Here is a link to a website that has been really helpful to myself and many others, I am sure….

My daughter was diagnosed at 2 years of age. As with any disability or disease, when you get the news, it is quite devastating. However, I realized very quickly that early intervention was the key to help my daughter learn to live with Autism. It also educated myself as to how I could best help her and gave me the support I needed to understand what she might be going through. I often felt like I was the ONLY one but in reality that was definitely not the case. It has been an emotional rollercoaster for the past 13 years but I love her for who she is and am so proud of who she is becoming. She has to work 2x harder than any of us and has to deal with struggles in school as well as bullying. She has come such a long way.

As a parent, in today’s society, I ask you to PLEASE educate your typically developing children about Autism. Teach them that disabilities are not always “visible”. Everyone knows a child that has Down Syndrome. It is very difficult to see Autism. Teach them that every child is different and deserves to be treated with respect. They only want to feel included but don’t always know how to do that. For my daughter, having friends that accept her for who she is, is far and few between. That is really hard for me to say but it is the truth. She does not get invited to sleepovers, birthday parties or just girl time very often at all. My heart always aches when I think of that but it is the truth. For those girls that have been a part of my daughter’s life, I thank God and the parents for teaching their children to accept and include her.

It is my hopes that one day Autism will no longer be in our vocabulary along with Cancer but until that happens, I pray that parents and schools will do their jobs and teach the children that we are all different but “WE ALL HAVE PERFECT WINGS” (that is my most favorite song and saying).

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Parenting a child with special needs


To capture a “slice” of this lil’ girl’s life and the Mother-Daughter relationship these two have is the best part of my job.  This picture should remind all of us to cherish EVERY moment.  The emotion of joy in their faces just makes me smile.  As some of you know, having a child with a disability or any special needs is not always joyful.  In fact, it is just plain awful at times.  You find out very quickly that your life is about to be filled with tons of sacrifices, emotional and physical roller coasters, the stress placed on your marriage and family, the lack of understanding why this happened to you since you never signed up for it and many, many other challenges.

However, there are so many wonderful things that happen when you parent a child with special needs.  Speaking from experience, my daughter has taught me so many things in the past 14 years.  I may not ever understand what she is going through but I will never give up trying to give her what she needs to be successful.  She has such huge dreams in that mind of hers.  She shows me unconditional love EVERYDAY!!  She amazes me EVERYDAY!!  Although she makes me want to cry and pull out my hair sometimes (what teenage girl doesn’t), she also makes me smile lots!  She teaches me to never take things for granted.   She will look outside and just gasp at the beauty of the sky or the moon and say, “MOM, HURRY COME LOOK”.  We don’t stop to look at those things, half the time.   The typical milestones all children experience at some point in their lives is means for a BIG celebration when it is a child with special needs.  She just has to work 2x as hard to achieve them.

I am definitely a stronger, more understanding person because of her even though at times I want to throw in the towel.  She deserves everything a typical child does.  She deserves love, acceptance and respect which she will ALWAYS get from me!!

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