Fresh 48

While I offer Birth Photography, some clients feel it is not for them and would rather have a Fresh 48 session.  You ask, “What does Fresh 48 mean?”  This type of photography is becoming the newest trend!  Fresh 48 is exactly what it sounds like:  professional photos in the hospital of your newest addition within the first 2 days of their life.  There has always been a hospital photographer that dates back many moons ago, however just recently professional photographers like myself are being hired by those that just want a bit more personalization and creativity to document God’s greatest gift!   These sessions are lifestyle type sessions, capturing what is actually happening and all the “firsts” in your family’s life.  Capturing tiny hands and toes peeking out, skin to skin contact as you are in awe over the miracle that you have just brought into this world, the baby bracelet, siblings meeting their baby brother or sister for the first time and sometimes even first bath, baby measurements and footprints are all moments I will include for you.  There are so many tiny details that are wonderful keepsakes to share with family, friends and then future generations.  

Because you have so many other things to focus on, the fresh 48 session is not meant to be stressful.  For this reason, I will meet with you prior to your delivery date so that we can discuss all the photos and moments you would like me to capture as well as collecting the deposit of $100.  The remainder will be due 2 weeks prior to your due date.    I will make a list of “must haves” and bring with me!  The session will last about an hour but if more time is needed, that is perfectly fine.  As you will soon realize, newborn babies are very unpredictable and sometimes you just have to go with the flow!  

How to prepare:  

 I ask that you keep me informed in the last 2 weeks of your pregnancy, when you are admitted into the hospital for the birth and then once again when your son or daughter has made their appearance.   I will then clear my schedule for you and arrive ready to capture those special moments.  

The sessions are typically scheduled during the morning to mid day hours to utilize as much natural light as we can.  When you are packing your hospital bags, you will want to make sure you pack a couple of outfits for your baby, hats or headbands if you desire and a nice swaddle blanket.  You and the baby’s Dad are welcome to wear whatever you feel most comfortable in but I would recommend clothing that is pretty neutral in color with no distracting prints or logos.  

What is included:

Your session will include a minimum of 25 digital images but typically there are more.  Your images will consists of a combination of both color and black and white.  You are not required to purchase prints but to ensure you will receive the highest quality and guaranteed print, they are made available to purchase along with the rights to print your pictures wherever you like.  As an added bonus, if you choose to have the traditional newborn photos in my studio between the age of 7-14 days, you will receive a $100.00 print credit.  

Because I know you will be so anxious to share some photos with your friends, family and maybe relatives from afar, I will do my best to supply you with at least 5-10 images within 24 hours.  The rest of the images will be available to you in about 1 week from your session date.  

I can’t wait to meet you and create memories that will last a lifetime!

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Birth Photography

Being a mother of 2 beautiful daughters and a wife to a wonderful husband of 25 years, I wish now that I would have hired a professional photographer for the births of my girls.  Since photographing my first birth nearly 4 years ago, it has been such an emotional and heart warming experience each and every time!  Capturing that first glance of your baby after all those months of anticipation is priceless.  Having your support system being 100% there for you when you need it instead of being behind a camera is also priceless!   Having the memories of welcoming a new life into this world and the fact that you gave this beautiful human being life is again….. PRICELESS!!  Birth photography is becoming more and more popular!  You won’t regret it!

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Messy Eater Photo Contest

Best messy eater photo will win the photo contest!  Client in search of the best “messy eater” photo to use on their updated website crumpcap.  The owner of Crump Cap will be giving away a mini session + a print credit (value of 200.00) to have a photography session with myself.  Please read the details in the flier below.  Good luck!!

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In The Box

I would have never thought I would be photographing people inside a huge white box!  These box sessions are addicting!!  I have had the best time with each of them.  I believe because it is so much fun for the kids to climb up in a huge box, it is so easy to capture natural smiles!  I let them just be themselves.  I let them come up with some of their own poses.  I let them be actors and actresses like when we wrap the garland around one child and have the other child act like they are pulling them into another box.  It was no different with these 2 cuties.  

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Welcome to the World: Birth Photography

I was honored to help welcome into the world a new baby girl yesterday!  Each birth I have photographed comes with an unexplainable amount of emotions running through my body.  The most obvious is it brings me back to my very own experience over 18 years ago.  It reminds me just how precious life is and just how fast time flies.   It makes me so very thankful for all the doctors and nurses that are there working so hard to guide new parents every step of the way and help bring their baby into this world.  The anticipation, excitement, fear, exhaustion, uncertainty and pure joy surrounding the room is felt by everyone including myself!  THANK YOU for allowing me to capture the most amazing moments!!!

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