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Kristi Seanor is a Eugene Springfield Oregon portrait and newborn photographer specializing in children, births, family photography.

What’s new in 2018

What is new in 2018 for A Slice of Life Photography?   I am so glad you asked.  I introduced a new unique and very fun type of session called Inside The Box!  It is all about telling mini stories in each box.  I pose subjects in 1 box that I had constructed out of wood, painted and placed on a base with wheels.  We do lots of various poses during the session.  After many laughs, I upload the images into my lightroom and then work photoshop magic to construct multiple boxes on the top and beside each other.  The number of boxes varies and the possibilities are endless.  Cake smashes in a box, family photos in a box, engagement, siblings with all their favorite hobbies, pets, etc.

I know you might be skeptical but you gotta try it.  They are so much fun and you will have the most unique print/gift in the area!!  In fact, right now, I am offering Valentine box sessions the next 2 weekends.  Here is a sample of the one I did the other day.  

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Springfield Oregon Photographer ~ Puppy Love

Nox is a new member of my family!  We are all very much in love with him already and it is has only been 3 days.  He is an 8 week old Australian (golden) Labradoodle.  Our hearts have been empty for so long after losing 3 dogs several years ago.  Nox has already brought so many smiles to my girls’ faces.  He is going to get so tired of all the hugs and kisses from his new family!

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Springfield, Oregon Children’s Photographer ~ Newborn

Springfield, Oregon Children’s Photographer ~ 7 day old sweet newborn and his family!   He was one of the best newborns I have had; so easy going and sleepy!    My heart just smiles at the precious moment and connection in this image! 

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Springfield, Oregon Photographer ~ Outdoor Child Portraits

Springfield, Oregon Photographer ~ Outdoor Child Portraits!  So much fun had at this little guy’s outdoor child session!  A huge thank you to Riverbend Farm and Orchard for the use of their beautiful orchard!  It is always hard to know when those darn blooms will appear from year to year and this year I was a tad early but it is equally hard to coordinate blooming trees AND nice weather on the same day here in Oregon.  

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Springfield, Oregon Equine Photographer ~ Horse Portrait

Springfield, Oregon Equine Photographer.  Horse Portrait of this handsome 24 year old!  He needed his professional portrait taken today!  I love his markings and his sweet, sweet eyes!  Thomas is a barn favorite and I can sure see why!  

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